Free Consultation

Dr. Becky and Dr. Joe want you to be happy with the care you’ll be receiving at Inspire Chiropractic.  In order to determine if Inspire Chiropractic is the right option for you and your family, our 15 minute consult is a great way for Dr. Becky and Dr. Joe to know more about you and what type of relationship you’ll have with them. This time is dedicated just for you to ask any questions and or concerns you may have. At the end of this visit, you may choose to proceed with the exam, schedule one for later, or ask for a referral.

Client Forms

Who doesn’t like saving time? You may download our new client application here! Please chose the appropriate form or forms and fill them out to the best of your ability. Additional paperwork will be given at your first visit.

For clients over the age of 12: Adult Application Form

For clients 12 years and younger: Pediatric Application Form

For clients who are pregnant, please download the Prenatal Intake Form



History and Chiropractic Exam

In order to better serve you, Dr. Becky and Dr. Joe will perform a comprehensive history and examination. This will include past and present conditions, health goals, palpation of the spine, any orthopedic and neurological tests, posture and balance, and a thermography scan to help the doctors determine the appropriate care. After the doctors are done reviewing your information, an x-ray may be needed in order to proceed with care. If you wish to provide a recent x-ray or additional imaging reports, please bring them with you. Please understand that every person is different so you may not receive an adjustment on the 1st visit. This will allow the doctor’s time to review and analyze for the best possible care. At this time, please schedule your second visit for your report of findings and your first adjustment.

Report of Finding and 1st Adjustment

Dr. Becky and Dr. Joe will present a report of your exam findings, x-rays if taken, and recommendations for care. At this time you will decide on the best option for your health.

Following the report, Dr. Becky or Dr. Joe will bring you to the opening adjusting area. They will begin to explain the adjusting process and answer any questions you may have. Our office is set up for open adjusting to help create a community-like atmosphere to support our clients. If at any time you need to speak with one of the doctors and or prefer an adjustment in a private room, please do not hesitate to ask. Dr. Becky and Dr. Joe want to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

A Regular Visit

After the initial exam, report of findings, and 1st adjustment, a regular visit typically lasts about 10-15 minutes- (unless of course your child has trapped Dr. Becky or Dr. Joe in the play area to continue playing, you won’t be leaving anytime soon.)

A regular visit consists of Dr. Becky or Dr. Joe assessing you each time you come in, locating any subluxations, and if necessary adjusting them. After each adjustment, you may preschedule your next appointment or walk in during normal adjusting hours. Our clients love this flexibility to accommodate their lifestyle.

Monthly Health Workshop

We encourage our clients to attend our monthly health workshop, “Half Hour to Health”, to learn how our body is designed to heal and why chiropractic is vitally important to express health. We find that clients who are proactive about their health and understand why we do what we do, get the most out of their care.


What they're saying...

Thanks for being so helpful in a time of need! I was in a lot of pain and after one adjustment, the pain went away and I felt amazing! I would definitely recommend Inspire Chiropractic!
— K.C.
Sleep deprivation lesson number 100 - it gives me vertigo. Twice now I’ve pushed myself too hard for two long and my body said ‘fine, we’ll just make things go round and round and you’ll have to stop’. Thank you Dr. Becky Klein for helping me see the light and adjusting my wacky spine. I’m feeling much better today. Just in time to play this weekend!! Check out Inspire Chiropractic, much more than a place to fix necks and backs!
— A.C.
Excellent service and a very personal approach! They really change up their adjustment styles based on your feedback and progress. I rarely wait in line, they are responsive to text messages and appointment changes and I can walk in without an appointment during regular hours. Their subscription plan works great, especially for a couple who are both going. Give them a try! I’ve gone to several other places and this is the most progressive, holistic option with the best service
— K.A.
Dr. Joe is one of those rare practitioners who bring a strong foundation of healing to his work. He has a special gift. His persistence and vigilance to identify what is causing pain combined with his through and methodical technique allows him to immediately treat the problem and therefore improve your health/ life. He is insightful, personable and gentle. I highly recommend him as your Chiropractic care giver. He is amazing!
— S.W.