What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a natural, drug-free form of health care founded on the principle that our body has the inborn ability to heal.  As chiropractors we locate, detect, and correct subluxation- misalignments of the spinal bones- that is preventing your nervous system to function at 100% of its potential. Remember that the nervous system controls and coordinates every function in your body. As Chiropractors we don’t treat any specific condition but believe that as long as there is no interference within this system, healing can take place.

How do I know if chiropractic is right for me?

We understand that everyone has different goals and health care needs. We may not be the right office for you and there’s nothing wrong with that. This is why Dr. Becky and Dr. Joe have a free consultation before you decide to start care.

Isn’t chiropractic care for neck pain and back pain? I see you adjusting babies and kids. Wait…What?

That’s a general assumption that most people make. While people suffering from neck pain and back pain benefit from chiropractic care. It’s so much more than that. Remember that we work with you the function of your nervous system via the spinal column which protects it. The nervous system is the master control system of the body and controls all functions from breathing, thinking, moving, and feeling sensations. The brain communicates with the body through our spine and nerves to every cell in your body which is dependent on this connection to function. So you can see why it’s important for everyone to be checked not just for those in pain since every nerve does more than carry pain signals.

Why do you work kids with autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing concerns, or ADD/ADHD?

Because every child deserves the best in life! Dr. Joe has extensive training with the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association and worked with ICPA Diplomate Dr. Drew Rubin to further his education in helping these kids. He explains to parents that by having a functioning nervous system-which is often missed- is vitally important in the care of kids with these disorders. Every time we see a child succeed is the reason why we do what we do.

How did I get here and how many adjustments will I need?

Every choice we make, year after year, contributes to stress on our spine. The sitting and driving which led to poor posture, accidents, playing sports, a poor diet, and stress are just examples of the wear and tear on our bodies. We tend to forget and or ignore these stresses on our body which have a direct impact on our health over time. Yet we think that we slept wrong or it was from bending over to put on our shoes. These issues were merely a means to an end, “the straw that broke the camel’s back”, to get you to stop ignoring your bad habits and do something proactive. It took you years to get where you are so you can’t expect miracles overnight. There is no magic number of adjustments. Healing is a process that times time and is different for each and every person. However, many people feel a sense of improvement within a short time frame with consistent visits.

I don't like my neck "cracked", what can you do?

Well we don’t’ either, we get adjusted. Eggs get “cracked”, people get adjusted! One of the great benefits of chiropractic is that there are many different techniques. Dr. Becky and Dr. Joe have been trained and are proficient in several techniques including using an instrument and drop table that allows them to adjust you. We always want you to feel comfortable.

I can “crack” and “pop” myself, why do I need to see you?

Some people are able to "pop" or "crack" their joints but this is not an adjustment! Adjustments are specific and are performed by a Doctor of Chiropractic- even Dr. Becky & Dr. Joe need to see each other or their colleagues for adjustments. An adjustment doesn’t require a noise in order for it happen.

Why should I receive chiropractic care during pregnancy and is it safe?

During pregnancy, an aligned spine and pelvis is essential for a properly functioning nervous system that responds immediately and accurately to the changing requirements in your body.

Absolutely! Dr. Becky and Dr. Joe have additional training to work with pregnant women and take special care of pregnant moms.  At our office, we have adjustable tables and pregnancy pillows for maximum comfort. The tables can be adjusted to your growing belly and allows mom to lay comfortably face down without putting any undue pressure on the baby. In fact, it’s so comfortable that Dr. Becky has to hide her pregnancy pillows because moms want to take them home.

When should I begin chiropractic care during pregnancy?

Some women find it beneficial to start care before getting pregnant. However, a pregnant mom may begin care at any time during her pregnancy.

Is chiropractic safe for babies and kids?

Absolutely. Dr. Becky and Dr. Joe have received additional training by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) to work with babies and kids. In our office, we use the gentlest approach and appropriate technique for your child’s nervous system. Babies and kids are NOT miniature adults!

Why should babies and kids receive chiropractic care?

More parents are actively seeking proactive lifestyle habits. They understand that a lot of their own issues, due to compensatory patterns, were more than likely formed during birth and childhood.  Yes, that’s right, birth. Even with the most natural deliveries, a baby’s spine can be put under stress. While chiropractic care does not treat conditions, it is essential in maintaining a fully functioning nervous system. So it’s important for a child to get checked for spinal misalignments early on so their nervous system can function optimally as they continue to grow and develop. Learn more here.

Does insurance cover chiropractic care?

Sometimes. Inspire Chiropractic has chosen not to participate with any insurance company. However,  we are happy to provide multiple payment options and affordable memberships for our clients. We believe that every person can benefit from chiropractic care and we feel that by not participating, we’re removing barriers for those who do not have chiropractic coverage. For more information on why we don’t accept insurance read our blog post on “______”. Fees for exams and adjustments are available upon request.

I want to see Dr. Becky and Dr. Joe but I also really want to use my insurance…

We are happy to report a very awesome piece of paper called a Superbill that we can provide you in order for you to submit to your insurance carrier. A superbill allows you to utilize your insurance if your insurance covers care and still see us.

I don’t have insurance/I don’t have coverage - can I still be seen?

Yes! Our membership options are great for families looking to get everyone under care. We also accept HSA accounts from clients who chose to use it toward care.