Tune in to the Podcast, "What is My Body Letting Me Know?"


In this episode of It’s a Brain Changer, hosts Kelly and Darlene discuss the different ways our bodies talk to us. Sharing stories about their own experiences with pain and what it meant in their lives, they explain how your body tries to get your attention when you’re not listening, such as when stress and emotional pain become physical pain and illness. Tune in to What is My Body Letting Me Know? to learn more.

Then, if you’d like to dig deeper into this topic, as well as get another perspective, tune into the episode, A Different Way to Think About Pain, where Darlene interviews Tyler Orr, LPC, who specializes in pain and other medically unexplained conditions.

If you’re loving podcasts, visit their website for a free download of the guide, How to stop 'sleepwalking' through your life. It gives useful information on how to 'listen' to your subconscious mind, which speaks via emotions, somatic and physiological behaviors, and thoughts to get our attention. Simply enter your name and email address for your free copy of the guide.