Helping Kids Find Balance


Parenting today is a brave new frontier, filled with all kinds of new health threats. Food is filled with preservatives or covered in pesticides, our water is full of chemicals and pharmaceutical residue, and kids experience physical and emotional stress. So what’s a parent to do to help their kids find balance?

Jennifer Barham-Floreani, DC, offers pointers in the article, Kids Out of Balance, published in Pathways to Wellness. She explains what it means to be healthy and in balance and also includes a list of signs that can indicate your child is out of balance. Symptoms of a body out of balance include things like:

  • anxiety

  • poor concentration

  • difficulty sleeping

  • recurring allergies, colds and flu

  • and poor balance and coordination

In the article, she notes that most children will have already experienced three major falls by the age of 3, and, by the age of 7, kids may have fallen thousands of times! Between rough play, accidents, and trauma from birth, even very young children have already experienced physical stressors that keep the nervous system from working as well as it should.

Drugs are not always the answer. There are safe and effective approaches and holistic health practitioners who can empower us to navigate our family’s health outcomes.

We can’t remove all chemical and environmental triggers, but making healthy choices, encouraging plenty of physical activity, and seeking regular chiropractic care for your kids are all ways to help keep their bodies healthy and balanced.

Read the full article to learn more about helping your kids find balance.