Parental Satisfaction with the Chiropractic Care of Their Children


Excerpted from "Parental Satisfaction with the Chiropractic Care of Their Children" by ICPA.

Patient satisfaction is an important benchmark in the utilization of healthcare services, especially for complementary and alternative (CAM) options. A patient’s satisfaction not only equated to the perceived effectiveness (i.e. symptom relief) but also to the overall experience. Aspects of the interpersonal process of care such as empathy, communication, friendliness, and cultural sensitivity plays a large role in the perceived quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Studies comparing patient satisfaction in allopathic versus CAM models have suggested that satisfaction and patient preference may correlate more strongly with the doctor-patient relationship and overall experience than with symptom resolution. A 2014 European survey of parents with infants under chiropractic care showed only moderate correlation between satisfaction and symptom improvement. Yet, the same study showed significant satisfaction overall. It is beneficial to further study the common factors that influence parental satisfaction and lead to continuation of chiropractic care for their families, particularly in the care of children.

Courtesy of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). Read the full article