Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage

Who would not enjoy a relaxing, soothing massage?  And who could possibly deserve it more than a pregnant woman?  This is the basis for prenatal massage. 

Just like regular massage, prenatal massage aims to relax sore muscles, ease sore spots, and improve both circulation and mobility.  However, prenatal massage is customized for the needs of a pregnant woman. 

It will come as no surprise that pregnancy changes a woman’s body. The weight of the baby changes a woman’s center of gravity. This puts more stress and strain on back, shoulders, neck and abdominal muscles.  Pregnancy also relaxes ligaments. This can result in instability of the pelvic joints, changing posture, and pulling the pelvis forward. 

A massage therapist trained in prenatal massage understands the special needs of a pregnant woman and recognizes in advance which body areas may be sore, swollen or need the most focused attention. 

Studies indicate that prenatal massage can:

· Reduce anxiety

· Decrease symptoms of depression

· Relieve muscle aches and joint pain

· Reduce leg swelling

· Improve labor outcomes and even improve newborn health 

So, if you are a pregnant mother, you should check into prenatal massage.  And, if you know a pregnant mother, you should share this information with her.  Maybe even offer her a gift certificate for prenatal massage!  It is a gift that benefits both mother and child in a most wonderful way at a most wonderful time in their lives. 

You may also be interested in prenatal yoga, which offers similar benefits for pregnant women. Learn more about it on our blog, and get more information on prenatal massage from: American Pregnancy Association and Baby Center

Another wonderful way to care for yourself during pregnancy is through chiropractic care. We're Webster Certified and trained to see pregnant women, and we'd love to help you!