Confessions of an "Old Mom" - In the New Year

Confessions of an Old Mom in the New Year

As an "old mom", my 60-year-old self is always amazed at what is available to parents raising kids these days.  It sometimes seems as though everything from safety and health to food and nutrition has completely changed.  Even welcoming in a New Year seems to have taken on a new focus.

Way back in the day (yes, I am talking about the 1960's here!), New Year's included making resolutions.  But, these resolutions were generally broad-based and not too specific.  Typical resolutions were things like:

Be more generous; Make more time for family and/or friends; Worry less.

By the 1980's - 1990's, the New Year focus was more detailed and self-centered.  Common resolutions included things like:

Lose weight; Get a better job; Go back to school.

Now, in 2017, many New Year's resolutions seem to have more plan detail and also often include more people than just the resolution maker!  These resolutions appear more like life guidelines rather than ideas to be tried and discarded until the next year rolls around. Some samples of these resolutions are:

Model healthy habits for my children;  Reduce time family members spend on devices; Increase active time with my family.

While these resolutions still require change and adjustment, the goals seem more attainable.  And, with the inclusion of family members, these resolutions have a positive impact on more than just the one making the resolution.

To an "old mom" like me, this is a new and welcome concept.  I wish I had thought of this approach when I was raising my own daughters.  But, now that I am aware, I can choose to make resolutions that will positively impact my grandkids!

And to do just that, I ask my youngest grandson to turn off his tablet and come help me make the Orange-banana freezer pops recipe he found in the new kids' cookbook he received for Christmas.  This turns into a multi-win for us all.  Less device time, a fun activity with one of my favorite people and the added bonus of a pretty tasty treat!  SO glad this "old mom" can still learn some new tricks!

Guest Blogger - Joy Johnson.

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