Thank You Chattanooga

Thank you Chattanooga

It is typical and commonplace to reflect on and give thanks for one’s blessings in the month of November.  Although we at Inspire Chiropractic are aware of our blessings each and every day, we would like to specifically express it at this time.

Three years ago, completely new to Chattanooga, we opened our new chiropractic office in an area where we had no family, no local ties and (being newly graduated) absolutely NO practical experience.  One thing we did have was a belief in the true benefits of chiropractic care and a strong desire to share these benefits with others.  We had passion, a basic business plan, a love of the location and not much else.  We had a vision of what we wanted, but we had no idea of exactly what to expect.

Fast forward to 2016.  We could never imagine, even in our most hopeful dreams, the blessings we encountered in just three years.  Chattanoogans welcomed us transplanted Michiganders with open arms!  In that time, strong partnerships developed with area businesses and community groups. Friendships blossomed over shared hobbies and various interests.  We gained much from interactions with all our new contacts.  And, we tried to give back to the community, as well. We feel we are now truly part of Chattanooga!  So, what about Chattanooga makes us truly thankful?  We have whittled the list down to these top items:

  • Location (and beautiful scenery).  We cannot believe our good fortune in finding an area that offers so many opportunities for rest, renewal and relaxation.  Whether it be running trails, mountain hikes, camping or simple site-seeing, we have only experienced a fraction of what this area has to offer!
  • People.  Whether it be our chiropractic clients, other business owners, fellow fitness enthusiasts or community planners, it is an honor to be involved with so many positive men, women and children
  • Food.  The array of food offerings in this town are amazing and growing!  Foodies like us appreciate that! We are in gastronomical heaven!
  • Unlimited opportunities.  Both personal and professional growth opportunities are readily available.  Just witnessing the growth of the city around our office area alone has been invigorating and inspirational. The Southside has opened their arms to us and has embraced us into their community.
  • Community.  Since childhood, we have loved to serve.  Whether it be donating time to service organizations as high schoolers, coaching children’s track during college or currently participating in the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program, community involvement is part of who we are.  We are thankful Chattanooga gives us the chance to nurture that essential part of our being.

This Thanksgiving, we will are grateful for the opportunity to spend a long weekend enjoying time with our family in Michigan.  Please know that when we give our thanks at our holiday feast, our Chattanooga family will be at the top of our list!