Summer Pregnancies

summer pregnancies

Every pregnancy is a joy and a miracle – but being pregnant during the summertime isn’t always easy. Your body is constantly changing, and it’s perfectly acceptable to do what you must to stay comfortable in the heat.

If you’re having a tough time keeping cool and comfortable, try adhering to these summer pregnancy tips:

1. Reduce your salt intake. Not only will salt make you swell more than you already are, but it will also dehydrate your body faster. You and the baby need an incredible amount of water, so try to stick with less salty foods. Drink more than you think you need, because in the heat of summer, it’s easy to take in less fluid than you and your baby truly need.

If you're suffering from morning sickness, visit our Surviving Morning Sickness blog for more helpful tips to keep you feeling good during your summer pregnancy. 

2. Find breathable clothing. Wear dresses – and lots of them. Maxi dresses are wonderful for pregnancy because you can wear them again after birth! Try to find loose-fitting, light colored clothing that will allow your skin to breathe and stay cool. You won’t be able to completely avoid the heat, so be sure your clothing is airy when you have to be outside. Wearing a wide-brimmed summer hat will also protect your skin.

3. Swim! Swimming is a wonderful way to escape the heat in the summertime. The water will be great for your muscles and will give your back some relief from carrying baby! When you’re overheated, sweating, and round, taking a splash in the pool is exactly what the doctor ordered.

4. Its okay to stay in AC. No one is expecting you to be mowing your lawn in the 98-degree heat. It’s okay to ask for help when it’s too hot for you to be outside! No need to come up with excuses: Protecting yourself and your baby from extreme temps is reason enough. Stay inside and do things around the house, and have a friend or the hubby do the lawn work.

At Inspire Chiropractic, we want your summer pregnancy to be as wonderful as possible. The health of you and your baby is our priority! So stay cool, keep hydrated, and enjoy the beauty of your pregnancy. We’re here with you every step of the way!